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Never put off until tomorrow discovering what you can know today. 

From pre-school to the University of the Third Age, we believe education never ends.

We’re experts in helping every kind of group and institution from nurseries to universities, professional associations to specialist societies, sixth form colleges to businesses on an away day, develop and deliver stimulating and enjoyable learning experiences to match their needs.

We can work with varying budgets and time scales from just a few hours to a full term, piecing together tailor made events and programmes that take education out of the classroom and the conference venue and into the wider world. 

Choose from a wide range of activities including:

  • ‘Meet the professional’ events and shadowing opportunities
  • Museum & Institution Visits with expert guides and speakers
  • Study Events arranged around special exhibitions and anniversaries giving deeper insight into ‘key topics’
  • Walks & Tours allowing you to use the world as a backdrop for your learning
  • Workshops & Interactive Learning that extend skills and expand knowledge, try your hand at everything from archive research to performing for the media

We cover a huge range of themes from social policy and urban regeneration to sport and popular culture, the theatre and creative industries to medicine and economic history.

Whether you’re a teacher with a group of students aged 7 or 17 who love London’s plagues, or the social secretary of a club or society interested in the capital’s theatrical heritage, a HR professional looking to improve team working and presentational skills, or a group of medical students keen to learn more about the history of your subject, we have a way to make educating an adventure.

To learn more about our education services email us at or complete the contact form below.

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